Manchester United signed the meter flying wing agreement 40 million offer +10 million weekly salary

From the British “Sun” news, Manchester United signed Percy’s transaction made a breakthrough, the Croatian wing agreed to Manchester United out of the individual contract, he is a step closer to Old Trafford, then Depends on Inter Milan can agree with Manchester United sent 40 million pounds offer.


Manchester United for Percy’s interest for a long time, as early as March of this year, Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho went to Zagreb, when the madman and old friend, who served as Real Madrid director Mijatovic had Meet, Mu Shuai with the old friend to discuss the transfer of Percy FIFA 18 Coins. Visible, madman start is very early.

Inter Milan is basically sure to send Percy, but the Nerazzurri hopes to use this player to exchange Argentina flying wing Di Maria, Paris also interest in Percy. But for Manchester United’s big news is that Percy I am eager to join Manchester United, he hoped that the effectiveness of the hands of Mourinho.

According to the British “Sun” to say, Manchester United for Percy out is a weekly salary of £ 100,000 contract, which, Perry West has nodded agree. It seems that as long as Manchester United and Inter Milan to reach an agreement, the deal is likely to be completed in the near future. British “Daily Mirror” pointed out that Manchester City signed Bernardo – Silva, Manchester United executives also have pressure in the hope that the transfer market also completed a heavy sign.

In fact, Chelsea also joined the battle of Percy, we can see, Manchester United also need to complete the player as soon as the transaction Buy FIFA 18 Points. The tournament this season, Perry West outstanding performance, a total of Inter Milan played 40 times, scored 10 goals. Manchester United from the side of the configuration point of view, although the team has Rushford, Marshall, Lin Gade, but apparently Mourinho want more long-term.

According to the “thedreamshake” reported that the Rockets this week has been a number of rookie was training, including the University of North Carolina won the hero Kennedy – Meeks.


This year the Rockets did not have the first round pick (in the Louis – Williams deal in February this year to the Lakers), only two second round of the draft pick (43 and 45 overall), so they can only To study some are not optimistic about the rookie.


Mickey height is 2.08 meters, weight 253 pounds, in this year’s NCAA semi-final, he got 25 points and 14 rebounds, and at the last moment with offensive rebounds lore Oregon University. In the NCAA final, Meeks contributed 7 points and 10 rebounds to help North Carolina beat the Gonzaga by 71-65. Previously, Meeks had met with the Spurs.

Nigel – Williams – Goss

Goss is a point guard from the University of Gonzaga, he is 1.91 meters tall, weighing 196 pounds, this season in the NCAA game, he averaged 16.8 points, 6 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 1.7 steals, selected The best team in the nation Buy NBA 2K18 MT. But Goss is 23 years old, and he lacks speed and passion.

Paris – Lee

Lee from Illinois State University, he is 1.80 meters tall and weighs 83 kg, this season in the NCAA game, he averaged 13 points, 5 assists, 3.7 rebounds and 1.9 steals Cheap NBA 2K18 MT. It is worth mentioning that Lee’s three-point shooting this season to 41.8%, while the third season only 31.9%.

Milton – Doyle

Doyle from Chicago Loyola University, he is 1.93 meters tall, 84 kilograms of weight, is a senior, this season he averaged 15.2 points, 5 rebounds, 4.4 assists, 1.7 steals and 0.7 Blocked shooting, shooting 44.7%, three-point shooting 35.3%, free throw percentage was 79.7%, selected the Missouri River Basin League best team first team.


Artis from the University of Pittsburgh, he is 2.01 meters tall, weighing 99 kg, the Secretary forward, is also a senior, this season in the NCAA game, he averaged 18.2 points, 4.9 rebounds and 3.3 assists.

In addition to these rookies, the Rockets also trained Kevin Gilles-Tilbury (Texas State University), Tucker-Fauer (University of Central Florida), Jahyan-Johnson (Marquette University), Quinton – Hooke (North Dakota University) and other rookie.

James surpassed Jordan to crown the playoffs

The sea to the boundless days of the shore, mountain climbing my peak! LeBron – James in the Eastern Conference finals in the fifth game, to achieve the playoff total score over Michael – Jordan, coronated NBA playoff history total score. From the playoffs of the year the first battle cast three non-stick Sentinel teenager, to today’s playoff data king, James has gone through a difficult hard to upgrade the road, talent is the foundation, unremitting efforts is his after the season Race wins the peak of the ladder.


Great transcendence! Coronation of the playoffs total score

In the Eastern Conference finals before the fifth game, James playoff total score of 5960 points, ranked second in history, second only to Jordan’s 5987 points. James as long as 28 points, you can complete the transcendence of Jordan NBA 2K18 MT. James this season, the season are 32.3 points, to achieve a historic leap in today.

James East fifth battle in the first half 8 of 7 to get 20 points, milestone moment in the third quarter before the end of the game 2 minutes and 40 seconds to come, James left third hit, the field score increased to 29 points, The total score of 5989 points, more than Jordan coronation playoff total score. 2012 Eastern Conference finals sixth, James in Boston TD Garden Arena scored 45 points and 15 rebounds to save the match point, complete the playoff career the most soul-stirring epic battle. Today, James in the Boston TD Garden Arena to complete the playoffs total score of the “grand ceremony”, will be extremely Ling, a list of small hills


Data as evidence! He is the king of the playoffs

The playoff total score beyond Jordan, James is in the playoffs on the battlefield and another milestone. Real gold is not afraid of fire, the playoffs are the real strength of the test room, and James in this examination room to produce the shock of the ancient Shuo today’s answer.

The data does not lie, James is the active player in the playoff scorer, assists the king, rebounding king and steals the king. In the playoff goals and free throws, James is also active first name. In addition, James in the active players playoffs on the same efficiency table out of the right. In the playoffs data, active players no one can match the enemy with James.

In NBA history, James is also the playoffs. James is the total score of the playoffs, he ranked third in the playoffs assists, is the only five non-point guard players in the first five, the seventh in the playoffs, is the first seven non-player The In the playoffs steals the list, James ranked second. In the playoff goals and free throws, James points out third and second. In the playoffs three points list, James ranked fourth. Playoff efficiency list, James is in third place.

NBA1946 founded to date, only James a player playoff career scoring rebounds averaged 28 +8 +6, and only he scored in the playoffs, rebounds, assists and steals are into the top ten. James in the playoffs scoring, assists and steals are up to the top five levels, NBA history, only he did, James is the only one to complete the playoff scoring 5000 + rebounds 1500 + assists 1000 + NBA players.

James in the playoffs 15 times scoring rebounds assists 20 +10 +10,104 times 25 +5 +5,47 times 25 +10 +5,69 times 30 +5 ​​+5,33 times 30 +10 +5, these Are the first in history. James played nine times in the playoffs score 30 + three pairs, two scoring 40 + three pairs, the same history leader.

In the 2014-15 season and 2015-16 season playoffs, James played the total score rebounds assists 500 +200 + 150 data, NBA history, only one person to do it. James 2014-15 season playoffs total score rebounds assists 600 +200 + 150, NBA history, in addition to him no one single season playoffs to get such a comprehensive data.

James in the 2016 Finals scoring rebounds assists steal the cap are both the highest in both teams, NBA history only he made the first five in the playoff series. In 2015 and 2016 finals, James is the series of scoring rebounds king assists king, he is the only NBA history in the series scoring rebounds assists are leading two teams players.

The value of the success of the playoffs is an important indicator of the role of a player in the team win. The James playoff victory contribution value reached 44.44, the only NBA history in this data to reach 40+ players. Will be included in this season, James, a total of 8 times in a single season playoff dominate the victory contribution list, the last 7 years 6 times to become the king of the playoff victory value of the king. Jordan’s playoff victory was 39.76 in second place in history, ranking seventh in the single-season playoff winnings list.

James NBA career 3 times to win, 3 times elected Finals MVP, and Duncan, “Magic” Johnson and O’Neill tied for the finals MVP list second. James in the finals averaged 27 points and 9.9 rebounds and 7.2 assists and 1.8 steals, 3 times in the finals scoring 30 + three pairs, 8 times to get scoring rebounds assists 30 +10 +5, are the first in history. James is the only NBA history in the finals series played scoring rebounds scoring 35 +10 +5 players, he averaged 35.8 points in 2015, averaging 35.3 points and 13.3 rebounds and 8.8 assists. James is the only one in NBA history to lose in the finals out of the game in two consecutive scoring 40 + players, he in the finals in 2016, the fifth and sixth games have got 41 points.


Blood conquest! How is the king of the playoffs made?

No rain and rain can see the rainbow, James became the playground of the king’s road is not smooth, but thorns, he all the way through the claws to kill out, the achievements of the playoffs on the battlefield Albert.

April 22, 2006, James ushered in the NBA career playoff opener, the opponent is the Wizards. James in the game for the first time shot three non-stick, but when the end of the game, James played 32 points and 11 rebounds and 11 assists, since 1980, “Magic” Johnson, the first in the playoffs debut Get three pairs of players.

On the Wizards that series, James in the third and fifth field two lore, led his unit total score 4-2 promotion, which is his beginning to conquer the eastern part. In 2007, the second team led the playoffs of James, led the knight reached the finals. In the final of the Eastern Conference finals in 2007, James scored 48 points and nine rebounds and seven assists, scored the last 30 points in the team’s 29 points, which scored 25 points, his own power to pull out the Eastern giants.

2007 lead the Cavaliers into the finals is a career peak of James, when he was 23 years old, single-core led the army, but that is from the 2007 finals, James experienced suffering to combat. 2007 finals, James is difficult to understand, the knight was swept by the Spurs, Duncan left a “future is your” proudly away. 2008 Eastern Conference semifinals, the Cavaliers encounter with the Big Three of the Celtics, James pick a three series will be brought into the tie seven, James scored 45 points in the seventh field, more than the Celtics soldiers will be wide, knight 5 points regret the negative out.

2009 Eastern Conference finals, James averaged 38.5 points and 8.3 rebounds and 8 assists, but the magic played the classic combination of internal and external, James alone fighting even the second vote into the buzzer lore, also failed to save the entire series of defeat. 2010 Eastern Conference semifinals, James suffered Celtics encirclement, the three giants plus Rondo will be surrounded by James, James potential thin boxing four hands, knight again out. Garnett went to James and said, “Loyalty sometimes hurts you because you can not return to life.”

Suffering from James, joined the Heat in 2010, and Wade and Bosh formed three giants. The Heat reached the 2011 finals, but in that series, James lost himself averaged only 17.8 points, 6 games in the fourth quarter total 18 points averaged only 3 points, and his opponent Dirk Nowitzki Series Four an average of 10.3 points, the Heat lost to the Mavericks missed the championship. Criticism and ridicule overwhelming, James career was forced to death, he had no way back.

James hard training three points, apprentice Arakawa Wang learn low technology, his talent and skills have a higher level of integration, placed in James united NBA Jianghu Road, the obstacles only mentality. 2012 Eastern Conference finals five before the cruise, the Heat total score 2-3 behind, James back to the war to get rid of the demons, the sixth war killed God came 45 points and 15 rebounds, grab seven war with 31 points and 12 rebounds, led his team comeback The end of the green jersey three giants era. 2012 Finals, James averaged 28.6 points, 10.2 rebounds and 7.4 assists, the fourth leg cramps in the key ball, led the Heat total score 4-1 victory over the Thunder, James captured his first crown, the first crowned MVP.

2012 breakthrough to James in the psychological really strong up, 2013 finals before the end of the first three quarters, the total score of 3-2 ahead of the Spurs holding 10 points advantage, James angry throw with Jedi counterattack, the fourth quarter + Take over 18 points to lead the team in the face of adversity to win. James in the finals tie-break to get 37 points and 12 rebounds to beat the Spurs, James won the second consecutive year and was elected Finals MVP.

James in 2014 to return to the Cavaliers, home after the first year to lead the previous four years without the playoffs of the Cavaliers return to the finals. 2015 finals, Carrefour injury, Owen only played a season reimbursement, James Warriors three giant, averaging split 35.8 points 13.3 rebounds and 8.8 assists, led the Cavaliers once 2-1 lead, forced the Warriors adventure change Array with the ultimate small lineup, the use of the advantages of the number of siege James. Although the Warriors eventually won, but James’s performance is undoubtedly convincing.

The 2015 Finals regret was made up in 2016. James completed the history of the NBA unprecedented unprecedented reversal, leading the Cavaliers in the total score of 1-3 behind the case of three sets of overturned warriors Cheap NBA 2K18 MT. The fifth series in the Warriors at home, when the Knight total score 1-3 into desperate, James sent text messages to the team, promised to bring the series back to Cleveland. James made a statement, the fifth and sixth game total under the 82 points, grab the seven war to produce 27 points and 11 rebounds and 11 assists and three pairs of transcripts, sent engraved in the NBA monument on the classic monument on the key cover. After the storm, James finally reached the top of the playoffs.

The NBA Playoffs featured both NBA

According to the United States broke the big god Werner Rawski reported that the Hawks plan to hire the Warriors general manager assistant Talavis – Shi Lingke as the team’s new general manager, the two sides are discussing the contract, the fastest time in the local time on Wednesday to reach an agreement.

The animation of Michael Jordan’s “Air Reverse Layup” is created with great accuracy and some details are clearly visible in the game, like Horace Grant’s goggles, for instance. Visible in the game are also player numbers NBA Live Mobile Coins. The NBA Playoffs featured both NBA All-Star teams as well as eight of the sixteen teams qualified that year for the NBA playoffs.


After the end of the season, the Hawks announced the reorganization of the team management. Previously, Bodenholze served as the eagle coach and basketball president, and now, he will only be responsible for the post of coach, you can threw himself into the coaching work. And Eagles general manager Weiss – Will Cox was dismissed, he turned to serve as the team’s special adviser, directly to the boss to report on the work. Before the start of the draft, the eagle’s daily operations will be the former NBA team general manager Sander, an eagle team consultant and assistant general manager Jeff – Peterson responsible.

Eagles for the new general manager of the choice is very cautious, their goal is the success of the league team executives. Previously, the eagle had deliberately knight general manager David Griffin, but the latter with the Cleveland team’s contract to wait until the end of June. Moreover, according to reports, the Cavaliers will complete the renewal with Griffin.

So, the eagle will immediately look to the Warriors, their general manager assistant Talavis – Shi Linke started chase. Eagles and Schilling’s negotiations progress very well, he quickly became the team’s general manager candidate leader. According to Wo God revealed that the eagle has been planning to hire Shi Lingke, the two sides are negotiating the contract, the fastest will be able to reach an agreement today.

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It is reported that Shi Lingke has been in the Warriors management for 12 years, he started from 5 years ago as assistant general manager of the team post, assistant Bob – Myers. Warriors are now able to have one of the most talented lineup in the history of the league, as well as won the 2015 championship, and for the third consecutive year into the finals, you can say that Schlumberger’s credit.

The reason why the eagle is so much attention to the general manager, because it will be directly related to the fate of the team’s future. Over the next three years, the Hawks will have 11 draft picks, and in the summer of this year they will decide whether to renew the free agent Millsap, and face how to deal with Howard’s $ 200 million contract for the next two years. If Schilling and the Hawks agree on the contract, his body pressure is not small.

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The Cavaliers continue to sit at home and the Celtics to start the final fourth contest, and ultimately they beat the opponent 112-99, the total score rewritten into 3-1, Owen 22 shots to vote 15 to get 42 points and 4 assists, He scored 9 points in the third quarter of 10 scored 21 points, even more admirable is that Owen ankle has been 90 degrees bending, but he was no less than the fire line, insist on fighting, staged the most inspirational war. 42 points to create the Owen playoff career highest score, but also created James teammates in the playoffs the highest score.

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The third quarter 1 minute 50 seconds left, Owen in the fast break in the foot of the ball in the Luo Zili scored the ball, but fell to the ground of Owen then covered his left ankle, expression of pain, the field of knight fans His hands clinging to his head, someone began to pray, the lens over and over again echo the picture of Owen injured, when he stepped on the foot of the Luo Zier, the ankle has been 90 degrees bending.

At this point the doctor has begun to inquire about Owen’s feelings, but the touching scene appeared, sitting on the ground of the Irvine force tightened shoelaces, continue to adhere to the battle in the field, the scene fans hanging heart finally put down, when Owen play , The audience began to cheer.

After returning, Owen is unstoppable, he first received James pass, flying in the basket into the ball, and then into the restricted area labeled as 2 +1, Owen continue to impact the opponent’s defense, like Magical super Saiyan, after each injury recovery, combat effectiveness will be doubled to complete the big transfiguration.

Before the end of the third quarter, the Cavaliers launched the last attack, Owen again in the outside ball control, defensive his Luo Zier is like a fierce wolf, tightly pegged to Owen, the Celtics defense has done But they can not measure the confidence of Owen, at this time, all the defender in front of him as if no longer exist, with the timer on the passage of time seconds, Owen directly in the three-point line close to 2 meters position shot , The ball hit the whistle, accompanied by the audience cheers, excited Owen waving his arm, driving the mood of the fans, he also took the King step, highlight the sense of conquest.

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In the third quarter, Owen 10 vote 9 in the H under 21 points, which also tied the Cavaliers playoff scoring record, in the 2010 playoffs, James had a single section to get 21 points The

In fact, Owen in the second quarter of the game has come forward, when James storm foul crisis, it is Owen stood out to help the Cavaliers through the most difficult crisis, the third outbreak of Owen, more like A continuation of energy.

This night Owen re-interpretation of the real professionalism, as LeBron – James said, Owen’s growth is the key to the knights to progress. In the face of the difficulties of the team, Owen did not retreat, on the basis of his sprained ankle, he thought is not “if the injury how to do”, but for the team’s victory, willing to fire and fire.

When Owen last time with a juggling action to complete the layup, he also completed the most gorgeous end, this night is Owen saved the knight, more precisely, is his fighting spirit to save the team.

Marauders continue to black eight miracle home out of the duckling cut the finals

2017 Stanley Cup playoffs into the Western Conference finals sixth game, the results of the Ducks team in the scene despite the absolute initiative, but the home of the predators with the opening of the flash and efficient counterattack to 6: 3 score Beat the team, replacing the center as a group of Shisen Si hat trick to become the team’s biggest hero.


Nashville Marauders 6-3 Anaheim Ducks total score 4-2

The game, the group composed of a group of left-wing Rakel and the main goalkeeper Gibson are injured, the replacement goalkeeper Bernier first issued a playoff play, and the predators of a group of center Ju Hansen and Fisher the same Missed.

Opening only 1 minute 21 seconds, the home of the predators of the first shot to break the Bernie’s fingers off, as a group of right-wing Watson in the right side of the wall near the ball swept the door, ducklings Two groups of center Kessler from the path through the slide, behind the guard Monter caught off guard, the ball block into their own door, 1: 0 predators first next city.

Behind the team began to fight back, defender Fowler’s long-range once in front of the predator to create dangerous, but the first 9 minutes, a group of predators set again, Xisen Si received a partner Aberger pass After the attack in the middle of the case of unmarked shot, the ball hit the Bernie club side of the defense after the network, 2: 0. Behind the young duck team began to more radical scraping, trying to narrow the points as soon as possible, but a group of left-wing Ricky of the predators of Avidson malicious collision, was expelled at the same time to give the predators 5 minutes less chance , But the young team Diaoqiang team tenacious defense, hold the crisis NHL 17 Coins. By this momentum the Ducks team took the lead in the first quarter of the remaining time, single shot to 12: 4 lead, but they can not find the predators defensive flaws, 2: 0 score to the end of the first section.

Section 2, the young team to make adjustments to the lineup, teenager Cassie was arranged captain Gates and Perry, the first 4 minutes he really live up to expectations for the team pulled back a city, defender Montel, near the blue line vigorously Shot, the ball was the predator goalkeeper Rene closed, chaos in the Gates Rafah cleverly crossed to find unmarked jam, the latter easily shot empty door succeeded, 2: 1.

Pull the ball a group of small ducks morale, they launched a madman on the door of the Marauders, the scene, whether it is a shot number, shot positive or scoring opportunities are young people are two or three times the predator team, but Rui Showing a surprising state for the team to keep a ball ahead. But the predators of the predators also use counterattack to create opportunities, high-threat scoring opportunities in the first two sections they only 5: 8 behind.

The third quarter began only 3 minutes, the predators use the sharp counterattack again to spread the difference to two goals, Fosbury from the backcourt to fight back, in the midfield when he chose to hit the ball before the field, with the duck Defender Lindhammer’s fight in the success of Aberger from the other side of the horse to kill in front of the shot, Shisens follow the infusion pierce Burney five holes of defense, 3: 1.

But 2 minutes later, the young team once again tenacious regain a ball in the two groups of the two groups they won a ball, Wagner from the midfield after the ball to fight back, Walmart and teenager Ke Deer Si continuous The ball, follow the Wagner beat the predator of the McLeod teenager degree kick, playing in the Swiss helmet on the goal, 3: 2.

9 minutes, the Duck team equalized the score, Gateslav in the frontcourt scrambling succeeded, Perry on the inside of the interference of the success of the Duckling Defender Fuller took the opportunity to long-range, the line of sight completely blocked Ruyi unable to stop the ball Fly into the door, 3: 3.

Equal to the score of the duck team Buyiburao, the first 12 minutes they get more opportunities to play less, but their mad attack did not open the situation, but rather the predators of the team to use the counterattack to open the situation, the Soviet Union in the backcourt forced small Ducks team mistakes, Xisen Si ball out of more than a few ducklings defensive player after the ball to the partner Yang Keluoke, which after the end of the cross before the door, Shisen Si ball shot again shot again duckling door , 4: 3, Shisens also won the first hat game in the playoffs!

3 minutes left in the game when the Duck team on the empty door desperate, but only 30 seconds later, Fosi Berry through the backcourt into the empty goalball, the score rewritten as 5: 3, which is Fosbury In the playoffs into the first 8 goals, set the history of the predators team HUT 17 Coins. Last time Watson also scored an empty goal to lock the score to 6: 3. And ultimately by virtue of the victory of the game, the western eighth Nashville predator team history for the first time into the Stanley Cup finals, coach Peter – Raviole out of the history of the fourth lead three different balls The team broke into the head coach of the Stanley Cup Finals.

The series of basketball video games called NBA Live

Eagles plan next week on the general manager of the post, interview grassroots MVP Billups. Currently Billups is working on ESPN as an analyst.

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Insiders revealed that the interview will be held in Los Angeles on Tuesday at the local time, while the eagle hopes to be quick, as soon as possible to find the new general manager of the candidates. Prior to this, the Hawks have already interviewed the Wizards Basketball Vice President Tommy – Shepard and Warriors Assistant General Manager Travis – Schruner.

40-year-old Billups in the player period has five times selected All-Star, in the younger generation, he was considered to have top management qualifications. As the 2004 Finals MVP, Chauncey Billups in the 17 seasons of his career was widely recognized by the fans, and for a long period of time to the team leader in the identity of the court. Although Billups did not previously manage the experience of a team, but he has been actively learning, and continue to accumulate relevant experience.

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As a result of the first round of the playoffs, the Hawks made a major adjustment in personnel matters. Coach Boden Holzer dismissed the post of president of basketball operations, and Will Cox is no longer the team general manager.

This summer is very important for the eagle, is completely down the reconstruction or continue to sew the patch, the team needs to make a decision as soon as possible. Which as the eagle chief, Millsap will become an unrestricted free agent.

FIFA Ultimate Team the coins are being used as tokens

2016-17 season, the first round of the Premiership round of a match, Leicester home 1-6 loss to Tottenham, Sun Xing 2 ball 1 assists, Kane senior. Chilville into the Blue Fox career first ball.

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No desire for Leicester last round away on the road 1-2 lost to Manchester City, 2-game winning streak end. But Leicester recently a good performance at home, the last eight home they are 7 wins and 1 level remain undefeated, Tottenham at home 2-1 victory over Manchester United, even if Chelsea have won ahead of time, they also locked in advance 2, But Bocetino’s team in order to win the victory is still full of power. The 34th round of the match is Tottenham second game of the season, facing the last season’s Premier League champions, I believe Tottenham will have additional power to win.

The campaign, Leicester out of Okazaki Shinji and Waldie’s striker combination, Ndi Di and Amartai sits midfielder, Mailey and Albreton wings together, Bena Luya and Fuchs continue Composed of Zhongwei partner. Tottenham, Kane before the sudden, Ali and Sun Xing behind, Wan Yama and Deng Beilai sits midfielder, Ben Davis and Moussa – Deng Beilei wings together, Alde Verde, Teng Hang and Dell build 3 defender system.

The first 6 minutes, Ben Davis pass, Alde Weier Erde small restricted area near the top of the header. 8 minutes, Ben – Davis breakthrough cross, Sun Xing outside the right foot long shot the ball high. Subsequently, the Maishizi Zhise, Valdi restricted area turned to the right side of the shot, Lorisi station good ball saved. 13 minutes, Amarthe Wai left foot volley volley, Dell Road stretched out a foot, Loris judge accurate ball poke. The first 15 minutes, Sun Xing single shot into the restricted area to face the small Schumache’s giants even high, Tottenham missed a great opportunity. A minute later, Kane free kick was undocked by the wall, Moussa – Sissoko strong bursts, the ball slightly higher than the beam.

The game to the first 25 minutes, Dell backstage precision long attack attack, Sun Xing offside success, Fulkes siege kick, Sun Xing 慜 broke into the restricted area back triangular back, Kane follow the break, 0-1! Tottenham get ahead. The first 28 minutes, Ben – Davis left the break through the biography, Ali pressure Bena Lu Lu inside header, small Schumacher fell to the ground to rescue! Then Ali turned around and vigorously volley, the ball was small Schmeichel get.

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36 minutes, Wan Yama pass, Ali beautiful pass to pass the restricted area, Sun Xingzhong Road half-turn volley low shot break, 0-2! Sun Xing 慜 campaign to send meritorious service, South Korean star this season, the number of goals to reach 20, in addition to 6 assists! The first half of the game, Tottenham 2-0 lead away in Leicester.

Easy side battles, Sliamani for Okazaki Shinji. 47 minutes, Albreton pass, Bena Luya header header higher. 51 minutes, Amartai pass, Maerres outside the furious shot of the ball on the stands. The first 53 minutes, Al Brighton on the right side of the defensive team had been closed the door was sealed, then Benaluya inside the ball, Ma Maisi restricted area before the right foot strong low shot, but playing too positive, Loris will The ball gets. 56 minutes, Kane passer-by, Sun Xing restricted area within the beautiful half-turn barbs Gongmen ball missed.

The first 59 minutes, Endi Di pass, Valdie dribble single-handedly, Loris attack to the restricted area outside the successful rescue, Endi Di pass, Chilville Road, the ball was free to get rid of defensive Tuishe broke, 1-2 The This is the 20-year-old Chilville for Leicester scored the first goal! The first 63 minutes, Moussa – Sissoko ball, Alde Weier Deer on the right plug in the pass, far point million Yama high leap header, the ball hit the Simpson who played a bit, Before the head easily break, 1-3! Kane scored twice! Kane this season, the league goals to reach 24, tied the top scorer Lukaku library.

The first 71 minutes, Kane pass, Sun Xing restricted area before the beautiful ball over Nandi 25 yards outside the right foot rubbing far corner, the ball in front of the bombs fleeing into the lower right corner of the door, 1-4! Sun Xing scored twice! 78 minutes, Tottenham replaced with Sun Hing Sun. 81 minutes, Dell free kick hit the ball hit the ball high, 84 minutes, Janssen to do the ball, Kane big restricted area line right foot long-range slightly missed. Then Moussa – Sissoko out of the ball, Janssen restricted area before the right foot volley is just slightly higher. The first 86 minutes, Kane ball, Ali right cross, Janssen for Tottenham into a ball, but the side of the flag flag offside, the goal was sentenced invalid.

89 minutes, Lesnianke pass, Kane restricted area before the right foot volley, the ball from the defensive team between the legs through the broken network, small Schumecher can not save, 1-5! Kane finished hat trick! Kane to 25 ball beyond Lukaku rose to the top scorer! But Kane’s performance has not ended, the first 92 minutes, Ben – Davis left cross, Kane restricted area before the ball vigorously low shot lower left corner break, 1-6! Kane Daixi! The end of the game, the final Tottenham 6-1 victory over Leicester.

NBA 2K17 is back with a bang

NBA Eastern Conference opened the curtain, the Cavaliers on the road to 117-104 victory over the Celtics, in the series big score on the 1-0 lead. The game is LeBron – James career in the 208th playoffs, he tied Scotti – Pippen tied for history 9, he got 38 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists, became the second 2002-03 After the season’s Shaquille O’Neal, the league’s first seven consecutive playoffs scoring 30+ players. In addition, James has also become the history of the first 18 career total playing time (including the regular season and the playoffs) break 50000 minutes of the players, but also the history of the youngest 50000 minutes.

With a squad of people who exist and breathe for football, NBA 2K17 is back with a bang. From the scrupulous exposition and to My Career function’s practice drills, everything presents the heed consciousness that only emanates from individuals who get carried off in daydreams for playing in the NBA. And undoubtedly it occurs to you the same. Proclaimed for effortless and smooth play, NBA enables you to move the ball around the court with a combination of advanced ball movement and artistry footwork with serenity Cheap NBA Live Coins. The use of right stick brings an air of satisfaction for the user to fake its opponents on the way towards the net. The whole credit goes to the game controls that made difficult moves easy going and natural, outsmarting the opponent and making you feel empowered.


Chelsea scored six points in the double, Avery – Bradley scored 21 points, Isaiah – Thomas took 17 points and 10 assists, Jay – Claude recorded 21 points, 8 rebounds And 5 assists, Al – Horford and Steven Gerrard – Green scored 11 points, Jay – Brown contributed 10 points and 9 rebounds.

In addition to James, Kevin – Carrefour scored 32 points (scoring a personal playoff career high) and 12 rebounds, Tristan – Thompson 7 vote 7 get 20 points and 9 rebounds, Kerry – Owen 11 vote 4 to get 11 points and 6 assists.

The field star: James no one can block

Before the game, in the series opener for the case of the road, James’s team’s record is only 1 wins and 10 losses. But James is the best thing to rewrite the historical record, in today’s game, he got 15 points in the first quarter, leading the Knight to establish double-digit advantage. The first half James 15 vote 10 to get 23 points and 4 assists, the 10 goals are all scored in the restricted area, while the Celtics team in the first half only in the restricted area to complete 26 of 13 which performed. More critical is that under the leadership of James, the Cavaliers in the first half to establish a 22-point lead, for the final victory laid a solid foundation.

Game Review: Knight victory over the Celtics

The Celtics reversed the Bulls in the first round and hit the Bulls in the second round, and they kept the rhythm of the 2-3 day match, the last game was on May 16th. The knights swept the Pacers and the Raptors in the first two rounds respectively, and their last play was on May 8, and they got a long break. In the small Thomas view, the knight rest for too long is not necessarily a good thing. “They will definitely get a lot of rest, but at the same time, if you do not play the game, then you will lack the state.” Little Thomas said, “It’s normal, but the training is not the game, so their rhythm may get a little influences.”

But it seems that the knights of the state and the rhythm has not been affected, the game came up and they attacked the small Thomas success, they forced the Celtics in the first 6 cast 1. Knight frequently hit the Celtics basket, in the first section to 9 minutes and 15 seconds, James assists Le Fu hit jumper, they played a 6-2 start. After the Celtics get back the sight will be narrowed to 1 points, but their good state did not last too long, 4 minutes and 39 seconds left in the first section, James breakthrough layup, knight to complete a wave of 8 -0 offensive, has been pulled to 22-9 score. After the first section of the Cavaliers made 30-19 lead, James in this section 8 vote 7, free throws 2 penalty 1 has been to get 15 points, while the small Thomas 4 vote 1 only get 2 points.

The first section of the Cavaliers 22 shooting 13 hit rate of 57.1%, they three-pointers 5 vote 0; the Celtics hit a three-pointers, a total of 20 shots in 8 hit rate of only 36.8%. But even more surprising is that the Celtics only grabbed four rebounds in the first section, Knight robbed 15 rebounds, which Thompson a person to grab five. James played in the first section of 12 minutes, personal career total playing time to 50006 minutes, becoming the history of the first 18 career total playing time breakthrough 50000 minutes of the players, but also the history of the youngest 50000 minutes.

The Celtics could not prevent James, but when James was the rest of the time, they also could not help knight other players. In the sub-section to 10 minutes 07 seconds, Le Fu then Delong pass layup, knight has pulled the score to 36-20. James only 3 minutes to rest on the field, the Celtics even more without parry. In the next section left 5 minutes and 16 seconds, Thompson dunk, Knight to complete a wave of 12-0 offensive, the score will be opened to 48-25. After the Cavaliers once the points will be widened to 26 points, with the last moment of Thomas’s third, the Celtic talent at the end of the half when the score barely chase 39-61. Carrefour in this section took 11 points, 22 points difference is the Celtics season playoff game the biggest half behind.

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The opening of the third quarter soon, Le Fu even fined with 6 points, the knight will lead to expand to 28 points. The Celtics did not give up because of the huge points difference, then they and the knight to start the attack. In this section 3 minutes and 35 seconds left, Thompson penalty in a ball, Knight also 89-64 lead 25 points. But in the rest of this section, the Celtics finally show the defense, they forced the Cavaliers scored only one goal, at the same time, they completed a wave of 11-3 offensive, after the three points to catch the score 75-92 The This section of the Celtics to 36-31 to suppress the knight, to know that they had a total of 39 points in the first half. 36 points is the Knights this year’s playoff second high single points lost points in the first round of the third game, they let the Pacers in the first two sections are 37 points.

Seeing the Celtics have chase the momentum, James will not rest, the fourth quarter Kewell first hit a record three points, the Cavaliers also get 20 points lead. After the knight has been maintained at around 20 points lead, 3 minutes 23 seconds left in the game, James penalty a ball, Knight also to 111-94 lead by 17 points. In the penalty period during the James, the Celtics will replace the main players, officially announced to give up the game. The final knights to 117-104 victory over the Celtics, made a series of opener, they have made in the playoffs 12 straight (including last season finals).

Competition Highlights: Zhanhuang grab the ball kneeling to crawl

James has been able to play at a very high level, in addition to his own ability factors, but also with his efforts on the pitch are inseparable. In the second quarter of the game to 4 minutes and 14 seconds, Horford basket continuous shooting, Claude and James did not keep the ball, the ball ran along the bottom line to the line, James in order to grab the ball , Kneeling on the knees on the ground, and kneeling forward climbing James finally grabbed the ball, but because the creeping foot has been out of the bottom line, so the referee or the ball right to the Celtics. But James this effort is still got his teammates affirmed, Schumper came and he clapped.

NBA Live games have been released every year

Zaza – Pachulia that pad action, these two days on the Internet sparking hot. Former Spurs players Bruce Bowen also publicly said that the action was “dirty”.

The series of basketball video games called NBA Live is published by the game developer company EA Sports. The NBA Live series is the successor to EA’s previous NBA Showdown and Playoffs series. NBA Live games have been released every year from 1994 to 2009. In the period 2009 to 2013, no new games were released NBA 2K18 MT. However, since the 2013 to the present, NBA Live games have been released annually once again. The NBA Live games primarily competes with the formerly NBA ShootOut and the NBA 2K series.


Western Conference finals in the third quarter, the Spurs core Leonard in a jump to the ground after stepping on the foot of Pachulia, causing the left ankle sprain, forced to withdraw from the game, and the Spurs also lost after his departure 23 points lead, the final two points lost. The slow motion shows that after the jump in Leonard, Pachulia has the action of the forward pad.

“That’s what I’ve seen, yes, I think he’s taking the extra step forward,” Bowen told reporters. “He has enough time to brake, but he’s moving in the direction of Kehuai, It seems to be intentional, and this is undoubtedly a dangerous action. “Bowen’s point of view, but also represents the views of the vast majority of people over the past two days.

But, Bowen came forward to say these words, it is easy to think of his own “black history.” On the one hand, he is a defensive master, once 8 times selected for the best defensive team of the year, of which 5 was selected; on the other hand, his defensive little tricks a lot, there have been feet of the behavior, many people called Spurs The most dirty player in the history of the team. Said he was paddies of the ancestral level of the characters, not for too.

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Of course, Bowen himself reluctant to himself and “dirty” the word detached. “I saw those things on the social media, and a lot of it mentioned me,” said Bowen. “Okay, I hate people saying that I am dirty, and when people just move someone else’s words, I always think it’s not Fair, and still the same. ”

In any case, for the Spurs, Leonard’s injury is disastrous. When Leonard left, they also hold a 23-point lead, and then by the Warriors immediately hit a wave of 18-0 climax. Without Leonard, the Spurs had only 33 points in the rest of the game, while the Warriors scored 58 points. After the game, Leonard himself said that Pachulia is not intentional, but he also said he would look back at the video.

Warrior star Curry said that regardless of the Spurs have no Leonard, the strength of this team are very terrible, the warriors can not be taken lightly to them.